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Capex review: powerful online trading

Launched in 2016, Capex is a financial company based in Cyprus. According to their website they have over 2,100 instruments to trade including cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, bonds, indices, shares, and blends.

The company is regulated by different jurisdictions in order to reach as many clients as possible. If you would like to know more, we invite you to continue reading our Capex review. 

Capex Security and Guarded Funds

Offices and regulations

Capex’s headquarters are located in Cyprus at 18 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, Suite 101, Nicosia 1075. They are regulated by CySEC, and their license number is 292/16. In Cyprus they are operated by Key Way Investments Limited. 

The company is also regulated in the following jurisdictions: 

  • Capex is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA) under the license number 37166. The company is operated by JME Financial Services (Pty) Ltd.
  • Capex is also regulated by ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority, license number 190005. They are operated by Key Way Markets Ltd. 

Their offices are located at the following addresses: 

  • The Romanian branch is at Piata Presei Libere 3-5, City Gate South Tower, North Wing. 16th floor.
  • In Spain they are located at Paseo de Castellana 93, office CM 230, Madrid, 28046.
  • This company is also in the United Arab Emirates at 2481, 24, Al Sila Tower Adgm Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.
  • In South Africa the company is located at Suite 10, 21 Lighthouse Rd 201 Beacon Rock, Umhlanga Rocks, Kwa- Zulu Natal, 4320.

Main features

One of the company’s main features is to keep all of their client’s money in segregated funds. This means the money is guarded so that in case of insolvency or bankruptcy, the broker will not be able to reach it, and you will not lose any of it. 

Capex offers an economic calendar where you can easily see real time market information. It is relevant to look at if you want to know what could affect the market’s movements.

Non accepted clients

US, Japanese, and Canadian clients are not accepted on this broker because of the restricted jurisdictions. 

Capex Account types

There are four different account types. The first is the free capex demo account, available for all traders, new or experienced. With this option you may practice, learn to trade or try a new strategy before risking actual funds. This is also known as paper trading. 

All accounts have access to the two platforms available on this broker: WebTrader and MT5. They all have support from Mondays through Thursdays from 7:00 am until 1:00 am GMT. You may also access daily market reviews and financial research, and daily analyst recommendations.

The essential account costs $1.000, and offers limited access to the website’s video library, and a dedicated account representative two days a week. To open an original account you must deposit a minimum of $5.000. It also has limited access to the video library.

This last account offers special trading conditions, an open access to the company’s research section, and you may have a dedicated account representative three days a week. 

For $25.000 as your first deposit, you may have a signature account. If you select this option you will have one to one meeting with your account representative daily, including weekdays. 

You will have SMS notifications from the Trading Central, and full access to the video library. This account also includes special trading conditions, and an open access to research. 

Capex also allows Islamic accounts which are swap free due to religious reasons. 

Capex Review: Fees and Commissions


Capex does not charge deposit fees, but it does have a minimum amount depending on the account you open, mentioned above. 

You may deposit using bank transfer and will be asked to add a photo or scan your bank statement to prove identity. If you use a credit or debit card you must also upload a bank statement or document. 

As for e-payments, neteller or skrill, you could be asked to confirm your identity to prove you are the owner of the account. 

If you choose the bank transfer method you must wait from 5 to 7 business days to have your amount credited to your account. 


Withdrawal methods are the same as the deposit methods: e-payments, credit or debit card, and bank transfers.  Withdrawals take one business day to conclude, and you do not have to pay a withdrawal fee. 


Spreads have a transaction fee that will depend on stock prices, market volatility, and the instrument’s liquidity. It will be charged automatically. 

You will also be charged a conversion fee if the currency you have in your account is different from the traded instrument, deposit or withdrawal. 

This broker will also charge an inactivity fee if you have been idle during 90 days. They will then begin to charge a monthly amount of 30 USD to cover for maintenance. 

The last commission would be the overnight swap fee, charged if you keep a position overnight.

Trading features and platforms

Position size

The minimum order size for trading fee would be 0.01, a micro lot. As for average spreads the commission would be at 1.8 pips. 

Trading techniques on Capex

Techniques such as mirror trading, social trading or copy trading are not allowed on this broker. You may use spread betting or hedging on Capex. 

Risk management

Capex offers a negative balance protection. This way, you will not lose more money than the amount you deposit. This broker does not offer other options such as trailing stops or margin calls. 

Markets and Assets

The company offers forex, indices, bonds, ETFs, and commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, natural gas, oil, cocoa, sugar, wheat, corn, and others. You may also trade shares, blends or “collection of shares”, and cryptocurrencies. 

Capex crypto includes Bitcoin Futures, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. 


For retail clients there is a maximum leverage of 30:1. For Forex pairs there is a leverage of up to 300:1. As for indices and commodities the maximum is 200:1. 


This broker only offers MetaTrader 5 and WebTrader. They do not have MetaTrader 4 or proprietary.

Social trading, education and support

Educational offering

In order to help you learn to trade, Capex offers four options: a trading academy, market analysis, a financial dictionary, and featured articles.

The trading academy is a paid option that offers different online courses in the form of videos that explain step by step trading methods. Some of the options are forex indicators, chart patterns, and specific trading such as CFDs on cryptocurrencies. 

Market analysis and featured articles are where you can find experienced investors publish financial articles based on important market movements. You may also sign up for webinars.


To read all about finance and market movements you can either go to the “market analysis” or their “featured articles” section. This is where you can find publications made by the company’s experts. 

Capex also has a “newsroom” where they publish what has been written about them such as press releases, the company’s media communications, and other announcements that could interest their users. 

Social trading offering

Even though Capex does not allow social trading such as mirror or copy trading they are active on social media. You can share, and comment on their posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

Capex also has a YouTube channel and Linkedin. 

Customer support

Their website only offers eight different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Polish, Czech, and Romanian. 

You may contact customer support using their online chat that is only available during their business hours. You also have the option of calling a phone number for customer support or dealing desk, fax, and email.

Capex pros and cons


  • They offer Islamic Accounts.
  • They have over 2,100 instruments.
  • Capex has many assets for you to trade.


  • Their platform does not offer many languages.
  • Capex does not accept US, Japanese or Canadian clients.
  • They do not allow social trading. 

How to open an account with Capex

How to open an account

Opening an account on Capex is not very hard, but you must be ready to enter a few documents and answer a quick questionnaire before finalizing your account creation. We have provided a step by step process to guide you through your register. 

  1. Once on the main page, click on the top right red button where it says “register”. You will now be redirected. 
  2. You will now see a box where you must fill in information such as your email, account password, phone number, and choose an account currency. Once you confirm you may click on the blue button that says “create account”.
  3. You will immediately be taken to the page shown below. If you click on “close” you will be on the demo account ready to paper trade. 

How to convert demo to real

If you choose to convert your account from demo to real, you must follow a few extra steps as shown below:

  1. To convert from demo to real you can click on the top blue button on the top left that says “complete registration and start trading”. The page shown below will appear asking for personal information. Once that is filled in you may click “next”.
  2. The next step is to fill in your professional information such as education and employment.
  3. Next you will have to include your financial information, and responsible answer if you are a US citizen or tax resident.
  4. For the last two steps you will have to explain your trading experience on some assets such as CFDs, forex, and others. Finally you will have a short quiz as shown below. Once you have read the conditions you may click on “finish”. 
  5. Lastly, you will have to select between four different leverage amounts. Now Capex will allow you to deposit. 

How to deposit money and start trading

If you have completed the above steps you will be ready to deposit. 

  1. Click on the top right blue button that says “deposit and start trading”. Depending on the leverage you chose, Capex will suggest a deposit amount. 
  2. After clicking on “add funds and start trading” you will see the image below. Choose one of the payment methods, and remember to look at the currency you will be using since there will be a conversion fee. 

    You will also have to upload verification documents when depositing before it is accepted and credited to your account. 

Recap of this Capex Review

Capex offers an important amount of assets for traders who can choose between many different accounts. Their educational section offers a good dictionary and webinars for all users. 

It could be a good idea to begin by trying the Capex demo account and trade using the techniques they offer such as spread betting and hedging. It might be important to practice before involving your funds.

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Best Broker Online Rating

Min deposit: £500.00

Regulation: FSCA, ADGM